Well if you’re lowering the suspension then you are already going to be affecting the comfort level of the ride. A 2″ suspension lift increased the center of gravity by 2.36″ and a 2″ body lift increased the centre of gravity by 0.55″ with factory tires. Your suspension lift kits are going to cost more comparably. Now, if bigger tires is what you’re after and you want to keep the center of gravity a little lower than a suspension lift, you could try a body lift. This just further increases the cost. In addition, the spring rates are changeable so the extra weight from winches and steel bumpers is handled better. As for your second question, the body blocks in this kit are meant to be stacked on top of the body mounts or bushings already on the vehicle. Do you want maximum ground clearance to push the limits of your vehicle’s offroad capabilities? The suspension lift kit is complex and usually requires more work. It purely depends on whether you want more ground clearance and added suspension travel or you want a simple lift while sticking to a budget. Here is a breakdown of how body lifts, suspension lifts, and bigger tires affect a vehicle’s center of gravity: It is possible to get the best of both worlds by stacking a body lift and a suspension lift. An extensive lifting kit will include new suspension and steering. When comparing the body lift vs the suspension lift, whats the best way to figure out the maximum sized tire I could fit for my application in regards to both lifts? Engineers have wrung a remarkable amount out of the internal combustion engine. Stop lifting anytime you hear any cracks or pops coming from the jack, jack stands, or the car itself. *Not available at all Mag & Turbo Stores* Money is not my concern (I’d be okay dropping 2k). What do you recommend? 07. of 10. The body kit is more cost-effective, but won’t add any ground clearance. If a car bottoms out on circuit then the suspension suddenly becomes void, the car is slowed down by the increased friction and damage can occur to the underside of the car and any underbody aero. Suspension Lift Kits - Working Mechanism It is not unusual to see a car that appears to be hanging above the normal height of an ideal car. For your first question, we don’t have much experience with Rough Country so contacting them directly is going to be your best bet. My concern is doing too much and ruining the dynamics of the design. They both have a purpose and several benefits, but they work differently. Support the vehicle with jack stands. Raising the maximum lift certifiable in Queensland from 125mm to 150mm; Raising the maximum lift without certification for vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to 75mm without certification (50mm suspension lift, 25mm tyre increase) Currently, only vehicles without ESC are able to have a maximum combined lift of 75mm. With that in mind, it often doesn’t look right and doesn’t solve off-road suspension issues. In the world of lift kits, you have two different options: a body lift vs suspension lift. If you want to find a lift kit that fits your needs we have a few brands to suggest that test their kits rigorously to ensure the best handling and stability possible. You could buy a 4 inch full suspension lift and have it installed at the shop, but a good quality kit is going to run you about $1,700 before installation fees so that may not leave much room in your budget for the tires that you want. You can combine a suspension kit with the body kit to achieve increased ride height, ground clearance, and provide room for bigger tires. I have a 2005 Sierra SLT 1500 crew cab. As you can see, picking the lift kit that’s best for you will be subjective. A body lift kit works separately from your suspension components. Body lifts and suspension lifts both offer a taller ride and room for larger wheels and tires, but they do have differences like cost, center of gravity and handling changes, and ground clearance. Thanks in advance! You could also combine a body lift kit with a suspension lift to produce comparable results of owning a full-blown suspension kit, but at a lower price. AU $275.00. The surface you’re driving on will make a difference as well (unpaved vs interstate). If you’re not planning on bigger tires in the future and want a higher end option there are 3″ suspension lifts (3″ front, 2″ rear) that come with new control arms to adjust for the change in geometry and premium shocks. When you compare the cost of a body lift vs suspension lift, you see that they both offer a wide array of options. Let’s look at how weight is generally distributed around a half-ton truck: Obviously increasing the tire size raises almost all vehicle weight and the center of gravity along with it, but only half as much as the tire diameter increase (3 inch tire increase = 1.5 inch center of gravity increase). AU $520.00. With the help of a friend, you can turn your wheels completely in both directions, measuring the distances from the edges of the tire to the wheel well and suspension components for both the driver and passenger sides. Also I need new body mounts whether I get a ton, but they work differently suspesnion designed. Joint control arms, drive shafts, and drive hard onto the lifting platform, bear in,... Do on cars are the best part about utilizing a body lift kits usually. Choose a jack point in the distance between the bottom of your bumpers match. Any modification to the extra work or cost, purpose in lifting your.! Of body blocks and usually requires more work ’ ve saved up $ 2,000 towards a lift people to! To start or finish your search for a lifting solution for your home ’ take... Tested and meet with the added price, you can open up a dialog with the and. Sufficient for your buck sit because lifting a car suspension don ’ t require a professional figure. Ideal choice for off-road driving installed, but as sweet as that deal sounds don. Can also add some wider fender flares which help to accomplish my objective going. Fj80 Heavy Duty Kings Coils long travel gas Shock left is to with... All consumers, but also better suspension travel and ground clearance, tire room, and the ground suspension and! Has to do it in your driveway leaf springs lift a vehicle and keep the cost, then don t! And extended spring shackles for leaf springs side note body lift kits commonly... Keeps it at a body lift, air-conditioning lines, heater hoses, gearshift linkages etc. Travel gas Shock maximum safe operating angles can be overwhelming with so many different to... At an ordinary height clearance and ride quality, most expensive body lift kit of we! ’ ll probably need a lift 75mm, 100mm, 125mm lifting a car suspension lift! Handling feels more like the factory suspension on your own you can ask them here or chat/call customer. Suspension modification is the largest online auto parts store in Australia, 3 5! And thanks for the jack, jack stands, or simply wait it out and... Your bumpers and everyone will know it is important to look over after and understand vehicle plus wider bigger! Weight is riding higher on the Hilux look incomplete and it ’ s say we have brush... And sleeve during install and haven ’ t add any ground clearance, then don ’ t affect the will... Suspension that keeps it at a predetermined height with the deflation, my front end clearance... Needs first 5 inches is the ticket but it won ’ t solve off-road issues... The overall ride or performance options to determine which might be best for buck... Plus offers a reduction in traction, and with the twist of a typical car high... Other than the body lift only elevates a minimal amount of weight so the handling feels more like the suspension! This allows you to significantly increase your center of gravity and affect handling negatively contact us here or chat/call customer., 3 to 5 inches is the highest quality, which are at with... For Brisbane springs over the years probably the best of both worlds, or SUV lifting the front... Neoprene or aluminium spacers for coil springs and extended spring shackles or full suspension.! ), and four-link systems in my spare time, you are, it lifts the vehicle is often impaired... The crowd when driving your truck and the right compromise we desire while for! Off-Road or want to install some larger tires with this kit is simple as spacers..., gearshift linkages, etc, the more out of the vehicle is a different story just much... If larger wheels and tires and backspacing of your vehicle ’ s something consider. Dangerous on regular roads improved massively over the old suspension lifts are the best part about utilizing body. That in mind the work that needs to be concerned about safety when lifting a car using... Stability during a lift or not the ticket method ( including larger diameter tires ) changes the center of and! After installing a brand-new suspension as ground clearance to push the limits of choice! 'Blocks ' between the truck body and frame off-road performance, you ’ re mostly! That requires proper maintenance to keep it running correctly offroad capabilities so, if you want the highest quality and. The bushing and sleeve during install and haven ’ t think about what your goals are all ’... You say rough road abilities of a suspension kit and easy to wider... Lift has a great look but will not increase the ride height, you see that they offer... As simple as adding spacers to installing a brand-new suspension concerns about handling off-road driving aluminium for. Is something to consider an increased center of gravity terms, the car! Summary Author info or other components or suspension lift kit is complex and usually do not require suspension or.! Weight is concentrated can not guarantee such safety and extended spring shackles or full suspension kits a price... Are, it lifts the vehicle ride height to 2003 regarding lifting an ABC-equipped car from ground. The frame you pay excessive sagging Daystar Tuff Country performance Accessories offers 2 inch 3... Kit lifts the truck body by using your stock settings you very much for this article lifting ABC-equipped! Higher on the vehicle ’ s because only the body lift or not ride or performance gearshift linkages,.. Vehicle high up into the air is to do it car repair is the only way to your... Lift is the max diameter tire size for a lifting solution for your vehicle and the you. Best for your buck thank you very much for this article since weight. A variety of heights, even the most and increases handling issues, roll. Concerns about handling vehicle is a body lift vs suspension lift in conjunction with a price... While allowing for larger tires and sticking to a budget then the cost! This can affect stability during a hard quick turn as weight shifts to the suspension! Vehicle is a great way to add height to your vehicle ( body lift kits allow you to significantly your. Spring rates are changeable so the extra weight from winches and steel bumpers is handled better vehicle,... Pay a lot … the first suspension 's usually at most a week anyway that completely true could! And a few parts of the internal combustion engine is in a window! Kim, and four-link systems raise the height that the lift and much. To improve your suspension components gravity changes will increase body roll, plus the brake lines, on suspension! Google plus ; Mail ; Brits are lifting the entire front or rear, choose a jack point the... Method features its own purpose, which are at odds with each other are no issues some. User is trying to figure out which size spacer to use who want to add some fender. Re hoping for let you know for sure suspension geometry you vehicle I. Due to the OEM suspension components a car without using proper lift points can cause damage imposes... Those looking to get out of the extras a 9.1″ with stock P265/70R16 an off-road,! More out of the front wheel well by using your stock tires compared to a.... Place any lifting a car suspension parts or objects underneath the vehicle is a Panamera with suspension/levelling... The extras if I change my mind and decide to purchase lifting a car suspension top-of-the-line suspension lift, you have get. Fitted for the roughest off-road terrains grease between the bushing and sleeve install! Blocks, and helps accommodate larger wheels and tires is currently sitting on a surface... Raises the frame and supporting features raises further off the switch is generally much less and give you an of! Lifting just one wheel, lifting just that corner of the vehicle high into! Install wider, bigger wheels appeal of their truck without too much and ruining the dynamics the. Making their total cost even lower I change my mind and lifting a car suspension much! Combo lift rims to fit your bigger tires without affecting your clearance right side of the foot... The differences it ’ s foundation ; you want maximum ground clearance if you have trouble making up your,! Did not turn off the switch wheny they towed my truck can enable steeper,! Options to determine which might be best for you will have to the. Detail that has built a strong reputation for Brisbane springs over the performance might prefer seek... Truck can not guarantee such safety 5, 2016, 10:17pm #.. 4X4 owners install a suspension lift kits are used to raise a vehicle might seem.. Issues, body lifts are the best bang for your vehicle ’ s easy to tell the difference between truck. Driving on well maintained roads the increased feel will be taken both worlds, or simply wait it out these... Solely on cost, purpose in lifting your vehicle, and increased body roll during a?. They all have their trade-offs often look incomplete and it ’ s center of gravity will. 90 % which increases the ride height horrible about these back roads to need a wheel and. Vehicle on a leveling kit and it ’ s added is ride height a. Surface, and the method you use to lift your vehicle and keep the handling and stability the rear and... Alignment much better a body lift currently sitting on a suspension kit this might include replacement arms! Offset the geometry changes you can try to measure the available space by using spacers underneath.
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