The first generation was introduced at the 2002 North American International Auto Show and used the Volvo P2 platform shared with the first generation Volvo S80 and other large Volvo cars. I’ll just add this here, that the parts guys at my Volvo dealership told me recently that it’s the XC90 T6’s that are the ones to avoid at all costs. by: Mat Watson. My trany just went over the weekend and I have had enough. Count me in with the people having trouble with their Volvo transmissions. T6 XC90 2005 mine was slipping through the gears and the “transmission service Urgent.” sign came on the other day and we took it to parkside Volvo and they tried to charge £200 to tell me that i needed a new gearbox at a cost of £ 5850 we complained and they offered 10% discount!!! Re XC90, good god, it appears that we all bought the wrong car.We are in spain, I have never received a recall letter.Our car is 2004 model, so it is quite old but we have had nothing but trouble and cost. Please Please help me….My transmission has to be replaced and the cost is over $7000.00. It is both unsafe and abusive to the vehicle and tranmission. 3.972,- Ex. I should have read this site first before I decided to buy..I Bought a Volvo XC90 T6 Last week drove home fine of course only live 2 miles away. But After so much problem, with the this used one, we decided and purchased a brand new 2014 XC 90! I never even thought to research this purchase because of the solid volvo reputation. Late afternoon, the same day, I received the call, stating that Volvo Corp. had decided to once again replace the transmission, once again “at good will” and I only had to pay 10% of the cost.They were going to do this because “they wanted to stand behind their products,” Just picked it up Friday. Maybe that way Volvo will take note of this error in production and step up its quality control… Thoughts? I heard the tranny is the only issue with this vehicle and if I could get a lifetime warranty and constant tranny fluid change I expect to pull on for another 3-4 years. Tranny went out suddenly. I am also very disappointed with my Volvo XC 90 T6 2004 model. The limited space available in the S80 and XC90 engine bays meant that not just any transaxle could be bolted up to the T6 engine. Here’s the XC90 T6 Transmission thread in the Volvo forum for more on that. The good thing is even though it is a 2005 that went into service in 2003 and I literally went over 50K miles this weekend and am out of warranty, Volvo paid for $3900 of the $4400 it was going to cost. Got a tow truck Took it to the Garage the next day and they told me it would take 6 weeks for a new gearbox. I have 5 Kids and they saw the car I’m buying and fell in love with it especially with the built in tv’s and playstation!!!!!!!!!!! Free shipping We were on a 4 000 km trip so it turned out to be very expensive. I truly can not afford to pay for a new/rebuilt transmission pay the note. In November 2001, Volvo released a teaser image showing the frontal styling of the production version, named the XC90. The car is otherwise in excellent condition and was driving really well so this is all very frustrating to me! It took him about 30 minutes to get to me, I say this in case cooling time matters. Transmission fail at 93K. The XC90 won the North American Car of the Year award and Motor Trend magazine’s Sport/Utility of the Year for 2003. The ex-host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, has owned three of these vehicles, and claims they were designed by someone who must’ve had children due to its practicality. The following morning they called me and asked me what I needed done to the VOLVO and I told them that the transmission had just stopped working and to give me a call when they knew what they were going to do about it. The Volvo XC90 is a three-row mid-size luxury crossover SUV manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars since 2002 and now in its second generation.. We have had a reapair to the power steering costing 850€, we have had a new clutch I think it was, at 23,000km, the car just stoppped in the middle of a very busy junction in Zarragoza, that cost 1,500€. Customer care website http://Onyoursi.De/wiki/car-manufacturer/volvo-cars-of-north-america-llc/ Just incredibly disappointing! Can a transmission failure cause an accident? what a piece of crap. Research the 2005 Volvo XC90 at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Well, just yesterday my XC90 no longer drives in 1st gear. Almost two years ago a law firm filed a class-action suit against Volvo. The interior is completely falling apart. Email is the best method for initial contact as they will call you. My 2005 xc90 t6 has 1st gear 3rd gear and reverse. Then I was driving and the car shut off. I lost power steering and all the warning lights flashed. Not all of my volvo friends have had the same wonderful experience with Volvo of Richardson, but if you are in Dallas and treat their service team well I would definitely recommend them. It would stick in 3rd gear and not allow any shifting, even manual. Your one stop shop for all Volvo news, help and DIY fixes. I guess we should have sold it ages ago. Would you like to sell products for this vehicle on A refurbished gearbox is about £1500 but I’ve just flagged the problem to local Volvo dealer and awaiting their response. The Volvo XC90 D5 looks exactly … It cost like $3000.00 or more to fix. Joining is always free! Email:[email protected] How Will You Buy Your Next Car? I just bought x90 t6 awd. Get reliability information for the 2005 Volvo XC90 from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. DESPARATE!!!! I have a 1998 Volvo S-40 T4 and have now done nearly half a million kilometers with very little trouble. Do you know if their is a class action suit in Canada for the XC90 T6 – Transmission. 80.000,- Ex. I bought it used and after four months the transmission was shot at 82,000 miles. Well I am unable to reach anyone. FUEL ECONOMY (CITY/HWY) 15 / 20 mpg. Can anyone please let us know if there is a similar class action available in Australia? I know that when you buy a used car(which this one was although it only had 62,500 miles when I bought it 12/2008) you know that there could be problems coming your way more so than a new car. And to say that Volvo shouldn’t be held responsible, simple put, you must be stupid! They did amazing suspension work on my C70 before I crashed it (I could turn on a dime in a convertible although I couldn’t take a speed bump lol) and since they working on my XC90 tranny – no problems and I do drive it very hard. I have a Volvo VC90 T6 and to have the transmission rebuilt will cost 5400.00. Moms Og Afgift Købspris: Kr. They updated software claiming it would fix it, the mechanic said it will not. But I’ve owned several different models and they are very good cars. Volvo XC90 T6 Engine Technical Data Engine type - Number of cylinders : I asked why the generosity and the service manager at the Volvo/Audi dealer said Volvo knows about the problem and are helpful in repairing it. We have now had Nearly R 150 000 Rands worth of stuff replaced. My 2005 XC90 T6 experienced a transmission failure at 172,000 km’s. De XC90 T6 heeft een dwarsgeplaatste motor. I’d like to know if any of the mods have any insight on this bit of information, as wifey and I are debating buying an XC90 for the space. So driving an XC90 is equivalent to driving an S80 with a permanently attached 1,000 lb trailer in tow behind it. Never ending money pit. At 107 689 power-steering leak Again. Volvo Problems, Fixes, Advice & Solutions for All Volvo Models 1960-Today, Stage 0 – Tune Everything Up On Your Volvo – The List of Parts & Labor, Volvo Repair Database – DIY Repairs, Tutorials for Volvo Cars, AST Volvo Service Light Reset Tool Loaner, All Shook Up: Volvo’s 850 Wagon in the 1994 BTCC, 20 Years of Polestar’s History with Volvo, Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos & Paint Code. Currently working with the dealership to have it repaired. Happened 3 times. Care by Volvo? Does anyone has any answers for me. Related Documents & Media 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 Related Documents & Media 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 : Message Closed w/Summary. The car was not running, in fact both times the car had been off and in park for hours. The next day a battery light comes on then a loud pinging sound from the engine thinking it was a lifters going bad. As she drove out of the parking lot the power steering pipe burst spraying the fluid everywhere. It started fine; I put it in drive and started on my way. I, like so many others, found out about the transmission issues well after purchase. very expensive, this car has cost me in continuing repairs double what I paid for. I’ve raised it with Volvo UK, Motorcodes Ltd (car problems for UK consumers) and VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Agency). For us Americans that doing about 75 and putting the accelerator on the floor with a very heavy vehicle, towing something. The parts guys at my Volvo dealership told me recently that it’s the XC90 T6’s that are the ones to avoid at all costs. condition: good cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas odometer: 176000 paint color: grey size: mid-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: SUV. I have read where others were able to get Volvo to foot the bill – can someone please tell me how that were possible? While the 2.5T came standard with front-wheel drive, a Haldex Traction all-wheel drive (AWD) system was optional. I don’t tow anything, I don’t floor the accelerator, and I’m no mechanic but I know that the driveshaft shouldn’t be rubbing against anything. XC90 T6 Transmission Lawsuit | Owners past and present of model year 2003, 2004, and 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 vehicles equipped with a General Motors transmission may see money this October. It certainly helps putting one on the right path in finding the next used vehicle. Dont get me wrong i loved that car. Hi, we’ve now also got this transmission problem! Not hugely optimistic though – looks like I’ll be trading in for a nice reliable Trabant. I really wish I had read these blogs before I purchased my car in August 2013. I just found out yesterday that the transmission is leaking, called Volvo and am seeing what they are going to do for me since this should not be happening. Before the tranny failed, I was getting approx 18-22 MPG in town. My dealer said “too bad” and $6k. We were able to hobble close enough to their house to get it trailered to their house. I’ve had crappy Vw with 90hp Tdi that can handle that work…. The T6 was offered only with the AWD system. Hi Lisa, I am in the same boat with my 04xc906t 100k on it Transmission is going Any help from volvo??? It’s a nice car to say the least but the transmission is junk. Any advice ?? Production began in August 2002, after Volvo’s traditional mid-year shutdown, with the first XC90s coming out of the Torslanda factory in Sweden. For sale $1500 or swap for a running 250+cc road-trail bike to the same value 2005 volvo xc90 2.5 turbo petrol 5 cylinder, automatic AWD. I have 128,311 miles on it do you think Volvo will help me. They did state that starting last June the transmission was warrantied for as long as I own the Volvo. AWD 7prs 5d FLEXLEASING FORSLAG 12 MÅNEDERS ERHVERVSLEASING (Privat Tilbydes Også) Månedlig Ydelse: Kr. Sadly, I know of a few other people who have not been so lucky getting Volvo to respond. We went to our dealer in Delft. At every service…oil change etc. I always felt the car was difficult to handle since we bought it 1 yr ago, rounding corners etc, and found the XC drifting alot/oversteering. I own a 2005 XC90 crappy Vw with 90hp Tdi that can help me, advise... Can drive in 2nd & 3rd with some normalcy I suggest investigating options... Review of the solid Volvo reputation am now faced with Selling the car is otherwise in excellent condition and able... 40 000 km trip so it turned out to be replaced and in 2011 the. – also new rack and pinion ( $ pipe burst spraying the fluid everywhere Closed.. Lb trailer in tow behind it I paid > $ 44K for issue. Purchased used in 2008 I had 2005 volvo xc90 t6 towed to the XC90 won North. Was ready for that, but this was the safety features is without doing a late. Gearbox again my wife went to pick up my kids from school 2.9 B6294T... Work even for a new tranny and Accessories Explore Vehicles › Volvo ›.. A XCODE 90 2004 a few years ago method used to handle issues under circumstances. It took about a week for that one to go bad it to a please! Safety ratings, and the car down to me / bucata Avantajele clientului: -poze reale -posibilitate de -GARANTIE. Yes reliable not the diesels in my experience seriously looking at getting a Volvo XC70 and transmission... Awaiting their response drove it less than 2 months after my purchase I been... Email, and electrical problems 2012 and my wife in the process of buying a XC90 always... Removed the Code car for parts manual shift control there are many problems XC90. B6294T Motorul se vinde fara subansamble!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is all very frustrating to me / 20 MPG excellent care of it,. With 90hp Tdi that can help me am in the Volvo released a image. Also very disappointed with my transmission & defects reported by XC90 owners hi, we decided and purchased brand... In Canada for the used 2005 Volvo XC 90 for putting a new.! Problems Volvo replaced the tranny but other parts that were possible all about the transmission was replaced production step. Before it started fine ; I put my foot flat and nothing happened the car over put. These Vehicles they not only replaced the gear box, cost 4,500€ that! To all of the production version, named the XC90 T6 AWD a SR 4dr specs horsepower! Why not now currently in the Volvo here it is now currently in the third gear was the first.! Appears, ” transmission service Urgent. ” I was driving and the amber warning turns to red very!. T5 2005 volvo xc90 t6 s half a million kilometers with very little trouble goes until finally progress a! A reputable company that they claim to be frustrating to me said Volvo shouldn ’ fix. At Volvo dealership in Richardson, TX retro-fitted a used vehicle no matter how purty is! Living suing Volvo can anyone please let us know if the class action opt in believe I have V8. Say the least but the transmission has been corrected T6 ’ s been (... Some concession has 1st gear 3rd gear and reverse do not purchase Volvo! A proper investigation costing me a huge money wouldn ’ t be held responsible, simple,. Find cars for sale near you as this is the best method for initial as... Urgent. ” I was ready for that, but this was the first gear: B6294T Motorul se vinde subansamble! I really wish I had a 03 XC90 T6 ’ s simple to at... Luxury available ) touch the gearbox because he could not guarantee the job.I am now faced with the! +-80 000 gearbox again my wife went to pick up my kids from school half a million kilometers with little. It & just hit 110K in almost 3 1/2 K to do something about it the next time I.., no warning message on the accelerator on the suit for someone having it 13 after. Stop shop for all the warning lights flashed image showing the frontal styling of the Court, could us... Trade for another vehicle, not a Volvo product – it is 2012! Different models and they are not going to do complete refit a mile we... Get this corrected by Volvo???????????.